“All my friends are moving to Aussie as we speak.”

- Lawrence,

“Difference in performance is like driving a bus and then a Ferrari!”

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“Aussie Broadband has raised the bar.”

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“Plain English, no crap.”

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“A cut above the rest”

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“Reliable? Good customer service? Performed as promised? Yes to all!”

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“Blisteringly fast”

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“Best nbn™ money can buy”

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“Finally, an internet company that cares!!”

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“What’s not to love?”

- Peter Hand,

“These guys leave the rest for dead”

- rob,

“Good old fashioned service”

- James4947,

“Aussie staff and Aussie values”

- Jared Parker,

“Internet for Aussies by Aussies”

- ON555,

“Aussie is in a league of their own”

- Dwayne C.,

“Great Technology, Sincere Customer Service and no bull!”

- Robert L.,

“I am an unabashed, fully-fledged Aussie Broadband adorer!”

- Ken,

“First class, so much so I signed up my parents”

- Rick,

“Support goes above and beyond”

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“Aussie Broadband’s support team are heroes”

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“Finally!! Someone got it right!!”

- Hattem Z.,

“Perfection starts with an A”

- Justin M,

“If you’re thinking about changing, don’t hesitate any longer!”

- Tamara,

“Happy as a pig in mud!”

- Dave,

“So very un-telco like – in the best way!”

- Campbell M,

“Wouldn’t dream of using one of the big telcos now”

- LM Indooroopilly,

“Rare combination of care and competence”

- Bruce,

“Showing the ‘BIG BOYS’ how service should be provided”

- goggo,

“Easy and completely painless”

- JADS88,

“The coolest Telco in Australia”

- Rich92,

“Hands down the best provider”

- l2icksta84,

“Where have you been all my nbn™ life!!”

- Once bitten Ranga,

“Admirably transparent”

- LCC,

“Broadband Utopia!”

- Steve,

“I easily give this ISP a 11/10”

- Fitnesspm,

Excellent! These guys are putting the big telcos to shame. Not only are they providing a good service but they are supporting local having their call centres here!

- Chris and Kirsty,

“I’m a fussy, knowledgeable, gamer geek who demands a perfect ISP, and I think I’ve found one!”

- UFO, Product Review,

“Aussie Broadband has restored my faith that customer service still exists.”

- Ross Marshall,

“They are the best in the market in my opinion, which matters by the way.”

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“Best ISP out there.”

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“These guys are brilliant, don’t waste your time with others.”

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“The lightning quick speeds blow me away. amazing.”

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“A shining light in the internet field!”

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“I am now getting the best speed I have ever had on nbn™ Fixed Wireless.”

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“Best Aussie telco hands down.”

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“Without a doubt simply the best customer service and nbn™ connection.”

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“Can’t beat the Australian customer service.”

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“I never thought I’d love an internet provider.”

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“This is what service should be like.”

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“Actual technical support not script robots.”

- F,

“Honestly, don’t bother looking elsewhere.”

- Matthew Daf Jones,

“Aussie Broadband are The Best. Seriously.”

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“I moved from Optus to Aussie Broadband 4 months ago, and it has honestly been the best 4 months of internet I’ve had in my life.”

- David Baird,

“We’ve had internet issues for the past few years which Optus would never resolve. Aussie Broadband have gone out of their way and even further”

- Wendy Gemmell,


“Excellent planning and implementation, best conference I have attended. World of Solutions had a great structure and feel to it.”


Aussie Broadband provides my business with awesome service when I need it.

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I need to recommend the best possible products to my customers, and for me, Aussie Broadband is now the only company I use and recommend.

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Excellent company doing really good things in the way we connect with the world, very proud customer!

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Fast painless setup, and a network that just works for business.

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I have been extremely happy with Aussie Broadband. Dealing with Australians – in Australia, who understand my needs.

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Aussie Broadband are a first class Aussie company, with great products and good value for money.

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It just works, day after day after day! Exactly what we need to run our business.

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No pushy sales, just honest and helpful answers. A great experience.

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Reliable from start to finish.

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They just seem to get the fact that we need their services working for our business to run, and they continue to deliver!

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This is a provider that thinks outside the box and has an awesome network to deliver a reliable service to Australia. Why anyone is still using Telstra is beyond me.

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Their exemplary personalised service, their technical knowledge and their help when we are in a sticky situation has kept us coming back.

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Totally satisfied with their service, ease of communication, and friendly staff who are always extremely helpful.

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Their network is reliable, but it’s their customer service and communication that makes them different from other ISPs.

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